Keynote Speakers

Title: Factoring a Matrix into A = CR.

Title: The gsvd: where are the ellipses?, matrix trigonometry, and more.

Title: Eigenvalues optimization via low-rank ODEs.

Invited Speakers

Title: Spectral Decomposition of Linear Operators.

Agnes Radl (Fulda University of Applied Sciences - Germany)

Title: Embeddability of matrices into real and positive semigroups.

Trung Dung Vung (Quy Nhon University - Vietnam)

Title: alpha-z-weighted right mean and alpha-z-fidelity.

Rasulov Tulkin (Bukhara State University - Uzbekistan)

Title of the talk: Analysis of the spectrum of a lattice spin-boson model with at most two photons.

Title: Convexity and star-shapedness of joint matricial range.

Title: Polynomials distance to common divisibility.

Title: Invariant commuting varieties and Calogero-Moser spaces.

Shams-ul-Islam (COMSATS University, Islamabad-Pakistan)

Title: Importance of Eigen-decompositions and Stability of System of Equations using Eigenvalues.

Title: Completing an operation matrix and free joint numerical radius.

Muhammad Ahsan Khan (University of Kotli AJK-Pakistan)

Title of talk: Block Toeplitz Matrices: Some Basic Results.

Title: On the spectrum of multilayer networks and applications to non-linear dynamics.

Title: Multiplicative perturbation bounds for the block Cholesky

downdating problem.